Services Offered

We’ll shoot anything you need. Anything, that is, except weddings…

We’re a full service production company. Whether you have a script ready to be shot, or just recognize that you need some sort of video presence, we can help you out.

We can do as much or as little of the following as you’d like:

- Concept development
- Audience analysis
- Scripting
- Casting
- Location scouting
- Shooting (camera, audio, lighting)
- Behind-the-scenes interviews, candid blooper/outtake reels (or supplemental interviews for performance documentation)
- Chroma Key (green screen compositing)
- Editing
- Foley (sound fx)
- Original score composition
- Custom animated titles / logos
- DVD / BluRay authoring (including package design, custom menus, copy-protect options)
- Trailer creation / Promo materials
- Compression for web video (with hosting options)

For short run productions we produce all media in house, including printed discs (not stick-on labels), high quality glossy covers, and case inserts. For larger runs we will work with you to source an appropriate duplication service to fit your budget. We can also help you secure theatre bookings for public screenings or private events.