At Ring Productions we believe in FAIR PRICING.  When you request a quote from most production houses you will be told something along the lines of “$X per minute”.  If a company gives you a quote like this, run.  This pricing strategy makes it easy to digest, but if you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense.  Let’s illustrate this point.


     Client A wants a music video shot.  The song is 3:00 long.  There will be a lot of  fast cuts in the editing, a lot of colour correction, and some sophisticated digital effects.

     Client B wants an instructional video to train his/her customers to use a new piece of machinery properly.  It will be 15 minutes long, but aside from adding titles it’s essentially 2 or 3 very long shots pieced together.


Should Client B really be paying five times the amount Client A is?  We don’t think so.

That’s why we don’t provide blind quotes to potential customers.  Before we can give you a fair price we need to know roughly how labour-intensive the job is going to be.  We will meet with you (or phone/email if you prefer) to come up with a quote that accurately reflects your needs.  Our quotes also always present the client with different pricing options, so that almost anybody can afford to produce a great video.

Rush jobs are also possible, when our schedule allows, at premium pricing.  “Rush” doesn’t mean we sloppily throw it together, it just means you’re paying more to compensate us for not sleeping.

Drop us a line & find out how Ring Productions can make your video production dreams a reality.