About Our President
Rob Ring has been working with video since 1993 – over half of his life.  To say that video is his passion would be an understatement.

At a young age he began producing short films using his parents’ (and then his school’s) video camera.  Without access to video editing equipment, he was forced to quickly learn the fundamentals of pacing and structure, as all his works were “edited” as they were shot, with no option of re-cutting.

While studying Fine Art at Brock University, Rob was introduced to the genre of video art, and pioneers of the medium.  He was heavily influenced by the work of William Wegman, whose short videos were a brilliant combination of humour & social commentary.  These are elements that run consistently through his work as an independent artist even to the present.

In the following years he spent a lot of time in the University’s editing suite, experimenting & expanding his arsenal of techniques using the newly available equipment (tape decks and cross-faders!).  He quickly became known for his innovative use of video feedback and unconventional editing techniques, and his writings on these topics were published in international trade magazines.

Upon his graduation, Rob joined the staff of the University’s Fine Art department where he was responsible for initiating their shift into digital video production.

Rob graduated from the University of Guelph in 2003 with an MFA degree, specializing in Video Art.  During these years his work was minimalist, performance-based, and consistently critiqued the genre of video itself through the use of irony and parody.  His work has been shown in galleries & festivals internationally.  These works really don’t have a place in this professional portfolio, but if you’re curious give it a google.

Rob spent 5 years as the Artistic Director of CAFKA, a unique arts festival based in the Waterloo Region.  During his tenure there he increased the organization’s video presence, most notably by projecting, for the first time, video onto the cube atop Kitchener’s City Hall.  These video projections have now become a permanent fixture in the city’s downtown.  He also curated the first three installments of the I Heart Video Art video cabarets, and worked on the development of CAFKA TV, a podcasting site about the local arts scene.

In 2010 Rob left CAFKA to be a stay at home Dad and raise his two daughters when his partner returned to work from her Maternity Leave.  He still produced work during this time, but it wasn’t his priority.  Now that his girls are older he is making video production his full-time career.  And loving it.  That is the genesis of Ring Productions.

Rob currently sits on the Board of Directors of Ed Video Media Arts Centre in Guelph, Ontario.

Is this too personal for an ‘about’ statement on a website?  We don’t think so.  We think it’s important for prospective clients to know who we are as people, not just as hired guns.  When you hire Ring Productions you’re hiring Rob – his expertise, and his personality.  He personally oversees all aspects of every production, and hand-picks the support staff who will be working on various projects.