Photo Enhancement & Manipulation

Have old photos that need to be touched up? Want to remove your ex from those beautiful vacation photos? Or, better, yet, add your current squeeze in their place? Whether your source is print, slides, negatives, or digital, we’ve got you covered.

Our in-house graphics team are so talented & efficient that our video productions alone can’t keep them busy enough. So, as a sort of side-business, we also offer photo enhancement & manipulation.  Photo jobs tend to have a ridiculously fast turnaround, and are accordingly priced very reasonably.

Not sure what we mean by Enhancement/Manipulation?

Photo Enhancement:  If you’ve got old photos with torn edges, scratches, or wear marks we can restore them to their original brilliance.  Have childhood photos with that distinctive ’70s colour treatment?  We know that’s hip again, but we can colour correct your images so that they look like they were taken yesterday (except, maybe, for the clothes you’re wearing).  Do all your vacation photos have a huge date printed in the corner?  We can get rid of that for you too.

Photo Manipulation:  Here’s where things really get fun.  Do you have beautiful photos of your vacation in the Bahamas, but your annoying Ex is in all of them?  We can seamlessly remove him/her from the photo so you can enjoy looking at them again.  That ex-of-a-cousin in your wedding photos?  Wipe ‘em out.  The drunk guy leaning over your shoulder making a duck face?  Gone.  We can even add people INTO your photos to create happy souvenirs of moments that never really happened.

Additional Photo Services: Hey, we’re a video company first & foremost.  We can make you a slick video slideshow of your photos too.