Video Documentation

We specialize in discrete documentation, using hidden cameras, for when you just don’t want gear & crew getting in your way or distracting your audience.


Public performances, particularly guerrilla actions, are notoriously difficult to document well. Luckily for you, we have an arsenal of small, hidden cameras, that we can use to shoot your public events discretely. Your audience won’t even know we’re there, but you’ll have full HD documentation for your archives, grant applications, or distribution to your fans.

We can document live staged events, using soundboard audio feeds, and produce DVDs/BluRays with additional content for distribution to your fans. We can even help you get your material for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers if you’d like.

Bands, concert promoters, theatre groups, lecturers, graffiti artists… let us hook you up with a killer video.


House of Friendship: Roy (2020)

  • Roles: Camera, Sound Recording, Editing, Closed Captioning
  • Testimonial/story video for House of Friendship



White Plays Ring & Zitella (2016)

  • Roles: Directing, Sound recording & mixing, Editing, Camera
  • Performance by Jason White of compositions by Ian Ring & Icli Zitella
  • Additional camera by Dave Mitchell



Ordinary John LIVE at Chainsaw 08.17.2013 (2013)

  • Roles: Camera, Editing, Live Audio Engineering, Post-Production Audio Mixing
  • Commissioned by Ordinary John.
  • Documentation of Live Performance



Scene X (2010)

  • Roles: Camera, Audio Recording, Editing
  • Documentation of an early development performance for the guerrilla opera MyAudia. Commissioned by InterArts Matrix.